Cost-effective Commercial Energy Efficiency

Revolution Energy Group (REVOLUTION) was established in January 2012 to provide next generation commercial energy efficiency solutions. We support public and private sector facility owners and managers who seek high ROI “Energy Intelligence” to reduce operating costs and meet sustainability goals.

Top 21 Initiatives for Energy Intelligence

To learn more about any number of sample solutions, such as ones on our 21 Point Clean-Tech schematic drawing above, click here on TECHNOLOGY. Our services start with auditing and advisory and extend through to technology sourcing, rebate administration, and installation coordination, upon the requests of our clients.

Learn more about the advanced optimization for commercial air conditioning and refrigeration though the OptikW Platform. You don't have to replace existing chillers and equipment!


NEW for 2019: Dynamic Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Optimization without Upgrading Existing Equipment

Property Owners and Managers face many choices when it comes to upgrading commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems, so we are pleased to offer, through our strategic partner, a way to generate 15% to 40% savings without changing any of the equipment. In short, the algorithm optimizes chillers and cooling systems to create efficiencies without impacting thermostat settings and without generating any downtime or upfront costs. Payment is on the monthly savings performance.  The algorithm is ideal for central cooling systems with a chilled water loop or facilities like grocery stores and beverage/food distribution centers with high refrigeration loads. Learn More about Air Conditioning Optimization.

Next Generation "Future Food"

Given the recent growth of the indoor agriculture market, Revolution Energy Group is pleased to provide clean-tech products and services to optimize production for indoor farmers. The future of food is indoors and local. Learn more at Local Grow Farms.

REVOLUTION has the experience, agility, and the strategic partnerships to deliver Energy Intelligence.

Next Steps...

Look into what we can do to help you reach energy and sustainability goals more cost-effectively than you ever imagined.