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Revolution Energy Group (REVOLUTION) was established at the end of  2011 to provide next generation commercial energy efficiency solutions. We support public and private sector facility owners and managers who seek high ROI “Energy Intelligence” to reduce operating costs and meet sustainability goals.

Clean-technology has become increasingly complicated, with countless products making efficiency and high ROI claims. We help navigate the complexity and the connectivity through IoT.

Our services start with auditing and advisory and extend through to technology sourcing, rebate administration, and installation coordination, upon the requests of our clients. REVOLUTION has the experience, agility, and the strategic partnerships to deliver on the needs of our clients.


Our foundation came with the launch of GREENandSAVE, back in 2007, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of REVOLUTION. The online resource, www.GREENandSAVE.com was one of the very first online resources to provide comprehensive ROI calculations on energy and sustainability initiatives for the residential and the commercial real estate markets. We quickly saw that lighting was the “low hanging fruit” of energy intelligence, and Independence LED Lighting (www.IndependenceLED.com) was born to service the public and private sector. Independence LED is also a wholly owned subsidiary of REVOLUTION, and it is one of the very first authentic MADE IN USA LED lighting manufacturers. Independence LED has installations ranging from U.S. government facilities to the Fortune 100 and from municipalities to small businesses. Independence LED won the Best Lighting Retrofit by the U.S. Green Building Council, and as of 2019, the U.S. production includes one of the largest lines of Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant LED fixtures on the global market.

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Commercial buildings account for 18.4% of U.S. energy consumption.

REVOLUTION is committed to making a positive impact, and commercial buildings provide the platform to significantly reduce energy waste.



REVOLUTION provides custom tailored technology and monitoring solutions that yield a high ROI in conjunction with user friendly interface controls. We assess the needs of our clients across the breadth of their energy footprint and make phased recommendations that include options for zero upfront cost solutions. To date, buildings have largely been static through human history, but new technology ushers in the transformative opportunity to create active buildings that are responsive and “smart.” The energy intelligence industry is fragmented, and REVOLUTION provides the integrated solutions to give property owners and managers the results that they desire. GMUSH facilities (Government, Municipal, Universities, Schools, and Hospitals) as well as offices, retail stores, multi-family apartments/condos/co-ops, warehouses, and industrial facilities each have opportunities to leverage the latest technology to meet their specific needs.


Next Steps...

Let us know your short-term needs and long-term energy reduction goals, and we will provide the analysis and recommendations for your facilities.