Our Focus

Commercial Energy Efficiency Solutions

Revolution Energy Group (REVOLUTION) was established in January 2012 to provide next generation commercial energy efficiency solutions. We support public and private sector facility owners and managers who seek high ROI “Energy Intelligence” to reduce operating costs and meet sustainability goals.

Our services start with auditing and advisory and extend through to technology sourcing, rebate administration, and installation coordination, upon the requests of our clients. REVOLUTION has the experience, agility, and the strategic partnerships to deliver on the needs of our clients.

What We Do:

REVOLUTION delivers five-star results for our clients:

#1: Reduce operating costs though lower energy consumption, maintenance, and cost per energy unit

#2: Reduce CO2 emissions through energy reduction and renewable power production

#3: Increase cash flow through utility rebates and zero upfront cost retrofit programs

#4: Increase monitoring and control through sensors, metering, and automation

#5: Improve quality of work life through improved lighting, HVAC, and security

The U.S. market for commercial energy efficiency is large and growing. REVOLUTION understands that some existing Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) provide similar services as our company. However, the major ESCOs typically service multi-million-dollar accounts, leaving small and mid-size companies underserved in the increasingly complicated energy marketplace.  The large ESCOs often bundle multiple systems and structure decade long engagements, while smaller accounts sometimes prefer a phased approach and shorter project commitments. REVOLUTION is ideally positioned to help small and mid-sized companies that seek phased solutions with the shortest possible return on investment (ROI). We are also well equipped to service large corporations and institutions on project specific engagements.

 Commercial Facility – Primary Energy Use Splits

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), buildings account for 40% of all U.S. energy consumption, divided between residential and commercial. Commercial buildings account for 18.4% and residential buildings account for 21.4% of all U.S. energy use.

The breakdown by the EIA illustrates why Ventilation, Heating, Cooling, and Lighting are the typical starting point for commercial energy efficiency for REVOLUTION:

  • 2% – Cooking
  • 4%  – Refrigeration
  • 4%  – Computers
  • 8%  – Electronics
  • 7%  – Ventilation
  • 7%  – Water heating
  • 13% – Heating
  • 14% – Cooling
  • 27% – Lighting
  • Other: 14%

Lighting is the “low hanging fruit” for commercial energy efficiency. The latest light emitting diode (LED) fixtures save 50% or more energy over traditional lighting. New LED fixtures and retrofit kits are “smarter” than ever and integration with optional photocells, to measure ambient light levels, provided excellent opportunities to “light harvest” by dimming on bright times of day. Free light outperforms any LED, so we identify relevant applications for skylights and sun tunnels to provide natural light. We run the ROI savings analysis to show our clients the comparative Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for decade long commercial energy efficiency metrics on each type of efficiency measure.

Direct Current opportunities: On the roof, solar photovoltaic panels (PV) can add renewable energy to the supply, but PV can also supply Direct Current (DC) into the right type of LED lighting vs traditional Alternating Current (AC). DC technology increases efficiency by eliminating the need for inverters and drivers on both ends. The DC advantage also extends beyond lighting with advantages for HVAC, computers, and electric vehicle charging stations. In conjunction with LED Lighting, DC facility solutions can yield over 45% savings across entire facility energy consumption.



The Internet of Things (IoT) provides new opportunities to advance commercial energy efficiency. Occupancy sensors and smart controls are the foundation for added efficiency in lighting, HVAC, and plug loads. LiFi can provide internet access and Bluetooth can help track occupancy for “big data” to capture information, improve businesses, and increase security. Operations managers have choices for a diverse range of dashboards, linked to smart phones that enable monitoring and response.

In many cases facility managers do not realize that they may be overpaying for the supply of their energy. REVOLUTION works with specialists in energy procurement to reduce the cost per unit. Reducing the cost per kilowatt hour (kWh), the cost per cubic feet of natural gas, and the cost per gallon of heating oil are additional spokes in the wheel of operating cost reduction. Measurement is the key to management, and REVOLUTION also works with submetering companies to ensure that our clients are not overpaying for their utilities.

All of these measures can come at no initial out of pocket cost to our clients through savings share programs.  Overall, the REVOLUTION solutions combine appropriate technology with services to advance energy intelligence.