Zero Upfront Cost Solutions

The cost of advanced technology often slows the adoption of next-generation improvements. Even if the ROI yields paybacks in under three years, or in some cases under a single year with utility incentives, our clients may not be able say “Go” if the project is not budgeted. REVOLUTION has found strategic partners that offer property owners and managers the ability to reap the benefits of new technology without any initial out of pocket costs. Here are examples of providers that we work with offering options for both off-balance sheet on and on-balance sheet structures. For your convenience, we have also included the contact information for the point people that we work with directly, most typically to date for lighting proposals and retrofits via Independence LED Lighting.



Social Energy Partners LLC (SEP)

Structure: A turnkey option available to for-profit, non-for-profit and governmental entities.  This is an off-balance sheet alternative, which does not involve existing capital resources or affect existing loans or loan covenants. There are no initial costs, and payments are made out of proven energy savings resulting in positive cash flows day 1.  More than $300 MM in funding is availability.

Application fee: $0

Application requirements: last two years of financial statements and or tax returns.  The minimum project size is $25,000.


Contact: William Butler, President

Social Energy Partners LLC, 1 Bridge Plaza North, Suite 275, Fort Lee, NJ 07024




Ascentium Capital

Structure: For-profit company – funded by Vulcan Capital, Paul Allen’s Private Equity Firm (Paul Allen is Bill Gates’ founding partner in Microsoft)

Interest Rates typically start at: 6.5%

Application fee: $0

Application requirements: One page application for under $200,000 financing and three years of financials and/or tax returns for larger loans.


Contact: Scott Linton, Account Manager

Ascentium Capital LLC: 23970 HWY 59 N, Kingwood, TX 77339



Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF)

Structure: Non-profit company – funded through multiple sources

Interest Rates typically start at: 4.5%

Application fee: $150

Application requirements: Three years of financials and/or tax returns for larger loans


Contact: George Brown, Program Leader, Finance
Sustainable Energy Fund: 1005 Brookside Rd Ste 210, Allentown, PA 18106